About Tweetbeak
Briefing about how it came on board, how it helps the communities and who is it for
How Tweetbeak came on board
In a bid to perform topic analysis of Twitter data and tools in a simple way, that could also help personal and business communities understand the efficacy and effectiveness of twitter account, content and followers, Wole Akinloye founded the Nigerian based software service, "Tweetbeak".

After researching on existing products and further engagement with the Twitter community, he saw the need for a tool that could help put Twitter reporting and account maintenance on autopilot.
How does Tweetbeak help?
With Tweetbeak, you can easily tap into the public conversation, put your Twitter reporting on autopilot with just few mouse clicks. Actionable insights will be generated and viewed in easy to understand dashboards.
Who is Tweetbeak for?
Coaches, Researchers, analyst, Business owners, developer and marketer can use twitter data to understand the basic formation of public discussion and how their tweets are being received by their audience. These insights helps to make better informed business decisions. The following include some sample - use cases for Tweetbeak but are not limited to;
  • automated reporting
  • create better informed marketing campaigns
  • generating and segmenting audiences for marketing purpoes
  • identifying your most engaged followers on Twitter
  • identifying your most or least popular content
  • identifying the best and worst times to tweet
  • identifying commonly mentioned locations, public figures, products and services
  • identifying industries, verticals and topics being mentioned such as Actors, Entertainment, Music, News Stories and Sport
  • temp checks to see what's forming the public conversation
  • surfacing the most popular brands and user accounts